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竞赛背景Competition Background

Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is located in the west of Sanya,which focuses on southern propagation industry and deep sea technology. With in-depth integration of Industry-University-Research, it is the key growth pole of Sanya for fostering new types of industrial transformation, initiating new momentum for economic development, and building a new benchmark for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

In order to implement the policy requirements of "Building a Leading Sports Nation" and the strategic deployment of "Building a Strong Maritime Country", there is a need to provide high-quality public service facilities of international standards, and meet the growing fitness and cultural needs of the population in the area. This project plans to build a city-level comprehensive cultural and sports center in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City.

在此背景下,三亚崖州湾科技城文体中心(深海博物馆及体育中心)建筑方案设计国际竞赛,正式启动。本次竞赛由三亚崖州湾科技城管理局主办,三亚崖州湾科技城开发建设有限公司承办,有方建筑(深圳)有限公司组织策划,面向全球设计师征集设计方案。 In this context, International Competition for Architectural Design of the Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is now officially open for application. This competition is hosted by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration, organized by Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Development and Construction Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Position Architecture Co., Ltd, Shenzhen. Designers from all over the world are welcomed to participate in this competition.


△ 项目场地 ©有方
Project Site ©POSITION

竞赛目标Competition Objectives

The Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center in Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City will become a large-scale public facility benefiting a population of 1 million in the Great Sanya area after completion. It aims to become a high-quality public living place, a coastal brand image that highlights the local characteristics, and a highly recognizable city landmark. This competition requires designers to fully respond to the local context and climate, and propose a site-specific and sustainable design scheme. Topics that designers should study in depth include but are not limited to the following:

Adaptive Design for Tropical Climate

Adjusting measures to local conditions, the design should appropriately adopt new technologies, new materials and innovative structural forms. It should also consider the impact of typhoons and respond to the coastal tropical monsoon climate.

Sustainable Design Strategies Combined with Zero Carbon Concept

Design strategies should be applied to reduce building energy consumption, to create a natural, healthy and ecological building environment, to achieve low-carbon operations and to create a 3-star building in line with National Green Building Evaluation Standards.

Landmark Project's Expression of the City Genes

Taking advantage of the unique coastal location, the marine culture should be absorbed in design. The originality of architecture shall be highlighted to create a unique image of the coastal city.

Dynamic and Static Balance in Functional Organization

Balance the functional layout of the Sports Center and the Deep Sea Museum, consider flexible use of the building at different times and in different scenarios. Provide a variety of public spaces shared by all.

项目概况Project Overview

Located at 18 degrees north latitude, Sanya is the southernmost tropical coastal city on Hainan Island, China. Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City is located in the west of Sanya, with a planned area of 26.1 square kilometers. The site of this international competition is located in the Deep Sea Science and Technology Zone of Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, adjacent to the coast of Yazhou Bay, with unique location and excellent landscape conditions.


△ 项目区位示意图 ©有方
Project Location Diagram ©POSITION

This project is located at the western end of the Dynamic Service Functional Axis in the master plan of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City. It includes a deep sea museum and a sports center, which are of great significance for enriching public cultural life and promoting the development of national fitness campaign. The site consists of two plots, Plot 1 (YK02-05-03) and Plot 2 (YK02-06-04). The total site area is 112433 square meters, and the FAR is ≤1.0.

The Deep Sea Museum intends to build a comprehensive museum that highlights the characteristics of the deep sea, it includes exhibition areas, education areas, collection storage areas, administrative rooms, service facilities etc. The Deep Sea Museum is of great significance to the popularization of deep sea knowledge, the display of deep sea technology, the development of featured marine tourism and the showcase of China's deep sea industry.

The Sports Center is planned to be a high-standard sports venue integrating fitness, competition and leisure activities. The main construction contents of the Sports Center include 1 stadium, 1 gymnasium, 1 public fitness center, outdoor activity fields and other supporting facilities.


△ 场地区位示意图 ©有方
Site Location Diagram ©POSITION


△ 场地示意图 ©有方
Site Diagram ©POSITION

场地视频 @有方
Site Video @Position

Click the image below to check the panorama of the site.

竞赛规则Competition Rules

The competition adopts the method of "Open Call" to solicit design proposals from designers around the world, which includes 2 phases:


△ 竞赛流程图示
△ Diagram of Competition Procedure

第一阶段:资格预审阶段 Phase I: Pre-qualification Phase

The first phase adopts the method of "Open Review". The Pre-qualification Review Committee shall comprehensively evaluate the application materials including the Conceptual Proposals (major) and Company Profile and Credit Files (secondary) of the applicants. The Pre-qualification Review Committee shall select 5 shortlisted applicants without ranking to enter the next phase by registered voting round-by-round. 2 alternative applicants with ranking will be determined as well. Each applicant (consortium) can only submit ONE concept proposal.

Phase II: Design Competition Phase

The second phase adopts the method of "Anonymous Review". The shortlisted applicants shall submit design competition works in accordance with the relevant regulations and the requirements of the Design Brief. Each shortlisted applicant (consortium) shall submit only ONE design scheme. The Scheme Review Committee shall review the schemes in detail, conduct full discussion and comparison and give review comments. The Scheme Review Committee shall determine 1 First Prize, 1 Second Prize and 3 unranked Excellence Prizes by registered voting round-by-round.

The competition results of all two phases will be published via the WeChat official account "youfang502", the project homepage, etc.


The schedule of this competition is as follows, and is subject to Beijing time (UTC+8).


报名要求Application Requirement

The competition adopts the method of "Open Call" to solicit design proposals from designers around the world. Application requirements are as follows:

1. 境内外独立法人企业或机构均可报名参加。不接受个人或个人组合的报名。
Domestic or oversea entities with legal business registration are welcome to participate. An individual or a team of individuals will not be accepted.

There is no qualification requirement.

3. 参赛单位可单独作为参赛申请人,或与其他参赛单位组成联合体参赛申请人(以下简称“联合体”)报名,联合体成员(含牵头单位)数量不超过3家。联合体各成员需签署具有法律效力的《联合体协议》,明确牵头单位、分工、权益份额比例等。联合体各方不得再单独以自己名义,或者与另外的设计团队组成联合体参加本次竞赛。
A design company can register independently or form a consortium applicant (hereafter referred to as "the consortium") with other design company. In a consortium, there should be no more than 3 members (1 leading member + 2 members). Consortium members shall sign the Consortium Agreement legally and specify the leading member and work distribution. Each member in the consortium shall not apply for the competition alone or participate in another consortium in other names with other entities.

4. 参赛申请人(联合体)须在报名材料中指定1至2名主创设计师。
The applicants must designate 1 or 2 chief designers in the application documents.

5. 参与本次竞赛的设计人员应为其所属设计单位的在册人员。主创设计师须在本次竞赛全过程及后续工作中真正负责主导本项目设计工作,包括但不限于出席踏勘答疑会等。在本次竞赛过程中,如发现主创设计师与递交材料中的人员不符,主办单位/承办单位有权取消其参赛资格。
Designers participating in this international competition should be the registered staff of the application company. The chief designer should participate in the whole process of this international competition including but not limited to the site visit and Q&A sessions. If it is found that the chief designer does not match with the person submitted in the application materials during the international competition, the host/organizer have the right to cancel the qualification.

6. 法定代表人为同一个人的两个及两个以上法人企业或机构,母公司及其全资子公司,有控股关系的公司,视为同一参赛单位,不得同时以多个参赛申请人名义提交2份或2份以上报名。
Two or more legal entities with the same legal representative, parent companies and its wholly-owned subsidiaries, companies that have a controlling relationship shall be regarded as the same applicant and shall not apply for the competition at the same time.

7. 为保证设计人员对本次竞赛背景和相关要求有准确理解,主要设计人员中应至少有一名以汉语为母语的成员。
In order to ensure that the designers have an accurate understanding of the background and relevant requirements of this international competition, at least one of the main designers should be a native Chinese speaker.

报名文件Application Document

Applicants must submit email application and paper document before the deadline. Failure to submit email application or paper document in time will be regarded as invalid application. Please refer to Work Rules for details.

Email Application

The applicant should send the scanned copy of the Application Letter with stamps and signatures and Applicant Information Form to the project email address before the deadline. The subject and the contents of the email should indicate: "Competition of The Deep Sea Museum and Sports Center + names of the applicant".

The deadline for email application: 17:00 (UTC+8), March 30 (Thursday), 2023

Paper Documents for Pre-qualification Application

The completedpaper documents for pre-qualification should be submitted to the designated address before the deadline. Paper documents can be submitted on site or by mail. Application for this competition is subject to the receipt of complete paper documents submitted on site or by mail before deadline. Late arrival or non-conforming materials will not be accepted.

Pre-qualification application documents include (please refer to Work Rules for details):

1. 企业资信文件:纸质,A4规格,竖版,不超过60页。
Company Profile and Credit Files: Paper documents, A4 size, vertical layout, no more than 60 pages.

2. 概念提案——文本:纸质,A3规格,横版, 不超过5页(单面彩色打印)。
Concept Proposal Booklet: Paper documents, A3 size, horizontal layout, no more than 5 pages (single-sided color printing).

3. 概念提案——展板:KT板,A1规格,竖版,2张。
Concept Proposal Presentation Boards: KT boards, A1 size, vertical layout, 2 sheets.

4. 电子文件(U盘)。
Electronic Documents (USB flash drive).

The deadline for Paper Submission of Pre-qualification Documents: 17:00 (UTC+8), April 7 (Friday), 2023

竞赛奖金Competition Bonus


Note: In principle, the first prize winner is the selected applicant for doing the follow-up design of this project. The selected applicant must sign a follow-up design contract with the organizer. If the winner of the first prize refuses to sign the follow-up design contract due to non-force majeure factors, the host will not pay the bonus. At the same time, the host/organizer has the right to determine the second prize winner as the selected applicant based on the results of the scheme review.

后续深化设计合同工作内容及设计费Work Contents of Follow-up Design Contract and the Design Fee

Work Contents of Follow-up Design Contract

The work content in the follow-up design contract shall cover schematic design and architectural design development, The design results of each stage must pass the review and the selected applicant is responsible for completing the approval procedures of the design results; the selected applicant shall be responsible for technical disclosure, cooperate with subsequent design development of other majors and cooperate with construction document; the chief designer shall provide necessary quality assurance work in the process of design development and construction (chief designer responsibility system); the selected applicantshall assist the host in completing feasibility study preparation and other approval procedures.

Schematic design work includes but is not limited to the following:

Site master planning, architectural design, structure, electrical, water supply and drainage, HVAC, interior design, intelligent building, fire protection, landscape, green building, gas, elevator, steel structure, curtain wall, road (including opening of intersection), civil air defense, BIM design, sponge city, floodlighting, signage system, comprehensive pipe trench, pipeline access outside the construction land, prefabricated buildings, sports technology, cost estimation and coordination with budget preparation.

Chief Designer Responsibility System

A series of rights and obligations of the chief designer of the selected applicant in the design and construction process will be specified in the follow-up design contract, as well as the subsequent design general contract or EPC contract of the project, including but not limited to:

1. 主创设计师负责审核影响建筑重要效果的节点大样设计;
The chief designer is responsible for reviewing the design of the key architectural details which affect the effect of the building;

2. 主创设计师负责对建筑、室内、景观等所有影响设计总体效果的深化设计和施工图成果进行把控,并签字确认;
The chief designer is responsible for checking all detailed design and construction drawings that affect the overall effect of the building, such as architecture, interior and landscape, then signing for confirmation;

3. 主创设计师负责对影响项目效果的重要材料进行选材定样,协助解决施工中的设计技术问题,确保设计方案高品质实施。
The chief designer is responsible for the selection and sampling of important materials, shall assist in solving technical problems during construction, and ensure high-quality implementation of the design scheme.

The work content is subject to the final signed contract.

Requirements after Winning

The selected applicant should ensure that the design work at each stage meet the requirements of relevant regulations and administrative examination of approval departments of the country, Hainan Province, and Sanya City.

If the selected applicant does not have the Class-A Qualification Certificate in Architectural Industry (Architectural Engineering) or Engineering Design Integrated Qualification Class-A, it should entrust a domestic company with corresponding qualification to assist the selected applicant in the relevant work, so as to ensure that the design works meet the requirement and get approvals. The selected applicant should report the experience and designated team members of the company to be entrusted to the host/organizer before signing the contract and obtain the approval of the host/organizer.

The requirements for the entrusting company: Provide one design experience of public cultural and sports architectural projects with gross floor area of at least 50000 square meters dated from January 1, 2018 to the date when the competition result is announced (subject to the contract signing date). The contract work content must include design development or construction document stage.

Design Fee

The follow-up design contract fee is calculated based on the tentative construction and installation fee of this project, and the bonus already obtained shall be deducted. The basic design fee shall be calculated according to the construction and installation fee approved in the budgetary estimate document as the billing base. The billing rules are as follows:

The total basic design fee of the project is calculated with reference to the Engineering Survey and Design Charge Standard (price [2002] No.10) formulated by the State Development Planning Commission and the Ministry of Construction. The total basic design fee of the project is calculated with the coefficient of specialty as 1, the coefficient of engineering complexity as 1.15, and the additional adjustment coefficient as 1. The contract covers schematic design, architectural design development, related cooperation work and chief designer responsibility work. The follow-up design fee shall be 30% of the total basic design fee. The relevant professional design fees within the project site boundary are all included and will not be billed separately.

The tentative construction and installation fee of this project is about RMB 1.6 billion. The follow-up design fee is tentatively estimated at about RMB 12.63 million, from which competition bonus will be deducted to get the design contract amount.

知识产权条款(节选)Intellectual Property Rights (Excerpt)

Please refer to the Work Rules for complete content.

1. 参赛申请人应保证参赛成果中所有内容均为参赛申请人原创,不得剽窃、抄袭他人方案,不得包含任何侵犯第三方知识产权的内容及资料。如存在侵权行为,将由涉及侵权的参赛申请人自行承担一切法律及经济后果。主办单位/承办单位有权取消其报名及竞赛资格,不予支付或要求退回竞赛奖金。
The applicants should ensure that all contents of the design works are all original works produced by themselves and contain no contents which may infringe on the intellectual property rights of a third party. The applicants must not plagiarize other people's work. Otherwise, the applicant involved in infringement shall bear all the legal and economic consequences. The host/organizer has the right to disqualify the applicant from participating in this competition, and will not pay or request returning the bonus.

2. 中选申请人参赛成果的知识产权,属于中选申请人所有。主办单位/承办单位在与中选申请人签订奖金合同后,对中选申请人提交的参赛成果的知识产权享有独占使用权(仅限于本项目)。未中选的入围申请人参赛成果的知识产权,属于未中选入围申请人所有,主办单位/承办单位在与未中选入围申请人签订奖金合同后,在不照搬原设计的情况下可以借鉴使用局部设计亮点(仅限本项目)。
The intellectual property rights of the design works of the selected applicant belong to the selected applicant. For the design works of the selected applicant, the host/organizer has the exclusive right to use the winning design works (only in this project) after signing the bonus contract with the selected applicant. The intellectual property rights of the design works of shortlisted but not-winning applicants belong to their own. The host/organizer has the right to partially adopt and integrate the design ideas of the shortlisted but not-winning applicant without copying the original design in this project (only this project) after signing the bonus contract with shortlisted but not-winning applicant.

3. 入围申请人对参赛成果的宣传应事先征得主办单位/承办单位书面同意。主办单位/承办单位及组织策划单位有权对申请人提交的部分或全部参赛成果进行发布、宣传、出版和展示,但应注明设计方的名称。
The shortlisted applicant should obtain the prior written consent of the host/organizer before promoting its design works. The host/organizer and co-organizer have the right to use the design works for promotion, publication and display, while the name of the applicant should be mentioned.

4. 方案评审前及竞赛结果正式公布前,参赛申请人及相关人员,未征得主办单位/承办单位的同意,不得以任何方式披露、公开或展示其参赛成果及任何竞赛相关的信息和资料,否则将被依法追究相应责任,并取消其本次竞赛的参赛或获奖资格。
Before the Scheme Review and the official announcement of the competition results, applicants or other related personnel are not allowed to disclose, made public or display the design works or any competition-related information/materials in any manner without the permission of the host/organizer. Otherwise, the corresponding party will be investigated for legal liability and the applicants will be disqualified from participating in or winning the competition.

资格预审结果Pre-qulification Review Results





评审结果Review Results



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